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Earlier Spew


I'm sure a lot of people are chafing under the new piece-of-shit terms-of-service that the Russian overlords of LiveJournal made us all agree to in order to access our journals.

Since last Friday, I have ported all of my posts to DreamWidth.org, still with the username 'kaasirpent,' for consistency. I'll be spot-checking entries to make sure everything is in there and in there good...and then this journal will be deleted. I invite any of my friends who are still using LiveJournal to do the same. The process of transferring content is painless. It takes about 48 hours at present loads. Thousands of people are apparently doing the same thing.

I will not be told I can't say that the Russian government is wrong when it clearly is. I will not be told that I have to censor myself and be complicit in the lies told about LGBTQ+ people. I will not support a government that actively imprisons — possibly executes — people who have done nothing wrong except being their true selves.

So, come on over to DreamWidth, folks. The water's fine.

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