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I Am . . . Disappoint

I'll admit it. When I heard that Prometheus was coming soon, I did a little geek dance of joy. It was inside my mind, but dance, I did.

The Alien franchise + Ridley Scott (the director of the original movie) = a sea of awesomesauce.

Or it should.

I've been hearing troubling reviews. I tried to ignore them. But I heard this one today that clinches it: I'm not going to waste my money. Maybe when it comes out on NetFlix, I'll watch the streaming one, if I can swallow my bile long enough.

See, this is a science fiction film. Let me say that again, with emphasis. This is a science fiction film. And although the second word of that is "fiction," the first word should take precedence.

It sounds to me like the writer(s) of this could easily have fixed all the problems if he/they had taken maybe two hours to—I don't know, RESEARCH?—some of the, you know . . . science. Or how scientists act.

I had such high hopes for this film, too.

Ah, well. <punt> Maybe Parcheesi: The Motion Picture will be as good as the hype.

Disclaimer: To my knowledge, Parcheesi: The Motion Picture is not a real thing. Let us fervently hope that it remains a joke.

Here is the review. It is an audio review, and takes up the first 31 minutes (it's a very detailed review) of episode 267 of George Hrab's Geologic Podcast. You might find the rest of the podcast amusing as well. Or you might not. I think that about covers it, really. :)

[Edit: WARNING: Foul language included. Not egregious, but . . . some people don't even like 'heck' and 'darn,' and George uses 'fuck' a few times. So . . . now you're warned.]

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