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NaNoWriMo Progress, Day 14

I'm charting my daily progress on NaNoWriMo. Since you may or may not care, I'll kindly hide it behind a cut. Thanks for taking the time. :)

NaNoWriMo Progress: These Are the Dreams that Keep Sleep from Me
New Words Today42601667
Daily Average53741667
Remaining Req'd
Daily Avg
Expected Total10000050000

  • Wrists didn't hurt at all today.

  • I had nothing for N. And I don't mean I had "Nothing" for N; I mean that I had literally no ideas for N. And then just before I left work to get lunch, I realized that Nocturnal rhymes with Eternal. N Is for Nocturnal, O Is for Oath of Service Eternal. Bingo.

  • I struggled all morning trying to come up with a story involving Nyx, the Greek personification of Night. Because, honestly, hey. Noctural, Nyx . . . it kind of fits. But nothing would gel. So I came up with another idea. One involving an alien planet with a nocturnal species that only came out once every couple of thousand years. But after writing nearly 1500 words of that, I hated every syllable. Hated. Them. It just wasn't coming together. I had no character, no plot, the science was just all wonky . . . So I went back to Nyx. And it hit me: the POV character was wrong. It had to be a guy, on the prowl in a bar, meeting a literal goddess without realizing it. And not knowing what she has on her mind. Now there is a story. And yes, it gets . . . a tad erotic. But I'm still going to call it fantasy because it's a goddess. So there.

  • Because of the lengthy false start, Nocturnal is another story where I have a bunch of crossed-out words that I will delete. 1527 of them, to be precise. The count is 4260 words, but with the 1527 removed, it's only 2733 words. I plan to complete the story after I post this, adding whatever words I type after midnight to my total tomorrow. (Which is how NaNoWriMo does it. If it were me, it's not tomorrow until I sleep.)

  • I have several good ideas for Oath. I'm hoping it will come out short as well and allow me to work on some of the unfinished stories. Still unfinished: Anchor, Bard, Fangs, Haunted, Investigation, and Moons. Just six unfinished out of 14. That's not bad, is it?

  • Character names: Nelson Mbumi Nathan Grant (says his name is Nicholas); Nyx, the goddess of night (says her name is Ratri, which is the Hindu goddess of night, so technically, she's not lying); Hal, the bartender.

  • Interesting things I had to look up: "Nocturnal," Nyx, Hemera . . . and I tried to look up the dynamics of a planet revolving around a star with a close companion or companions. I don't have a degree in astrophysics. So I punted. And then I threw it all out except the Nyx reference and wrote a story with naked people. And mumps. I looked up mumps.

  • Genre: Fantasy. Yes, that's right, fantasy. Goddess, and stuff. So Fantasy.

This table shows each story and how many words I have written on it, regardless of the daily count. Titles or letters in red ("tomato") are ones where I'm not sure, yet, what the story will be.
A Is for Anchor
B Is for Bard
C Is for Clowns
That Creep Through the Yard
5700 (complete)
D Is for Dragon
6369 (complete)
E Is for Egg
4975 (complete)
F Is for Fangs
That Are Sunk in Your Leg
8216 (617)
G Is for Gravesite
2204 (complete)
H Is for Haunted
I Is for Investigation
J Is for Jackpot
3069 (complete)
K Is for Kiss
3191 (complete)
L Is for Lucky
For a Hit or a Miss
3212 (complete)
M Is for Moons
N Is for Nocturnal
2733 (1527)
O Is for Oath
of Service Eternal
P Is for Prey
Q Is for Quest
R Is for Rite
a Demon to Best
S Is for SkullCosm
T Is for Twilight
U Is for Unicorn
V Is for V_____
W Is for Witness
X Is for Xenogamy
For Maximum Fitness
Y Is for Y_____
Z Is for Zombie

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