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NaNoWriMo Progress, Day 12

I'm charting my daily progress on NaNoWriMo. Since you may or may not care, I'll kindly hide it behind a cut. Thanks for taking the time. :)

NaNoWriMo Progress: These Are the Dreams that Keep Sleep from Me
New Words Today47101667
Daily Average56341667
Remaining Req'd
Daily Avg
Expected Total10000050010

  • Wrists felt much better today, but still took it easy. :)

  • "L Is for Lucky, a Hit or a Miss" is complete at 3212 words. I also tweaked a couple of the other unfinished stories and got them a little closer to finished.

  • "Lightning" was my 'filler word' for L since August. And nothing would come to me at all for it other than a vague notion of something steampunky with zeppelins and someone collecting electrical energy from clouds using lightning. But I could come up with absolutely nothing of the story around that idea. Then last night veldah suggested that I make it an investigation of a murder in which the murder weapon was lightning. While that had slightly better prospects, I had just written a 'detective' story three days previous, and the one for "M" is also a detective story, so it was too much. So I went to bed sincerely hoping that I could make something out of it today when I got up. :) By chance, I happened to hear the word "lucky" in some context I don't even remember…and a story came to mind. But it's hard to rhyme with 'kiss,' so I wanted to keep the "hit or miss" part. I'm not entirely sure I did an adequate job, but hey. Oh, and it turned from steampunk into kind of a superhero type thing.

  • veldah also gave me the crucial second character I needed to make "M Is for Moons" work tomorrow. Even though I'm relatively sure I don't know where I'll start or finish the story, I know the characters, and that might be enough. :)

  • Character names: "My name is Lucas Matthew Barber. I’m 22 years old. As you can see, I’m six feet two inches tall, weigh about 180, and wear size 14 shoes. I shave my head, so under ‘hair color’ you can just put ‘none.’ It makes it easier. My eyes are blue. I’d like to tell you that I’m married or have a girlfriend or that I’ve even been to college or have a prospect of ever going to college. I’d like to tell you that I have great relationship with my friends and family. But I can’t tell you any of that, can I? All I have is this cell and the occasional interview with . . . well, someone like you. What agency are you from anyway? Defense? One of the intelligence agencies? Or do they even have a name?" The story is a monologue of this guy talking to another person he addresses only as "lady" or "you."

  • Interesting things I had to look up: Korea, Kim Jong-Il, the DMZ, nuclear warheads, the probability of a coin landing on it's edge when flipped.

  • Genre: Superhero, but told from the POV of a not-nice non-hero super.

This table shows each story and how many words I have written on it, regardless of the daily count. Titles or letters in red ("tomato") are ones where I'm not sure, yet, what the story will be.
A Is for Anchor
B Is for Bard
C Is for Clowns
That Creep Through the Yard
5700 (complete)
D Is for Dragon
6369 (complete)
E Is for Egg
4975 (complete)
F Is for Fangs
That Are Sunk in Your Leg
8216 (617)
G Is for Gravesite
2204 (complete)
H Is for Haunted
I Is for Investigation
J Is for Jackpot
3069 (complete)
K Is for Kiss
3191 (complete)
L Is for Lucky
For a Hit or a Miss
3212 (complete)
M Is for Moons
N Is for N_____
O Is for Oath
P Is for Prey
Q Is for Quest
R Is for Rite
S Is for SkullCosm
T Is for Twilight
U Is for Unicorn
V Is for V_____
W Is for Witness
X Is for Xenogamy
For Maximum Fitness
Y Is for Y_____
Z Is for Zombie

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