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NaNoWriMo Progress, Day 9

I'm charting my daily progress on NaNoWriMo. Since you may or may not care, I'll kindly hide it behind a cut. Thanks for taking the time. :)

NaNoWriMo Progress: These Are the Dreams that Keep Sleep from Me
New Words Today66271667
Daily Average62941667
Remaining Req'd
Daily Avg
Expected Total10000050010

  • Recalibrated the above table for a goal of 100,000 words. I figure, "Why not?"

  • "I Is for Investigation: Unwanted" is an urban fantasy set in a small town in Alabama. Now, I'm not saying that my town of Inasholah in Irvine County, Alabama is anything like my hometown of Eutaw in Greene County, Alabama, but they also do say "write what you know," right? *wink wink* In Urban Fantasies, the place is as much a character as the people, so...it had to start with an I. And I figured why not make the county start with an I, as well?

  • This one is 6627 words and only just getting to the 'meat.' I started the story too early, trying to explain too much. I keep doing that, because I wasn't sure what my story was, and so I started it where I originally envisioned it starting. Turns out, it should have probably started after the retired wizard private eye moves to the town and not with him discovering that it should have a ley line and doesn't, and moving there with the express purpose of getting away from it all. And then he tries to keep his private life private. <beat> In a small, southern town. <beat> BAH HA ha ha ha ha! Half the people in the county knew who he was before he had his first breakfast in the café, and the only reason the other half didn't is that they're hard of hearing. Miriam, if you're reading this: I'm so stealing your comment about small towns. Just so you know.

  • I kind of know where "J Is for Jackpot" is going, but not entirely. I hope I can squeeze it out in just a few hundred words so I can work on the other unfinished ones.

  • Character names: Inasholah (the town), Irvine (the county), Ian Spencer (the wizard/PI), Jennifer/Jennie (the everything-but-the-cook girl (18ish) at the café). I definitely am changing Jennie now that I realize she's going to be a major character (whom I have...plans for *evil grin*). She will be Ivy, but her friends call her V. But Ivy isn't her real name, either. It's Iona Vignette, because her parents were, like, hippies, and apparently hated her (her POV). So she went by I. V. or Ivy, and now it's just V. I may change Ian to Ivan just so he has kind of an off-beat name and can commiserate with Ivy over that. So he and the reader get to like her. Because then it'll hurt more when she...I think I've said too much. Oh, and the cook at the café, his name is Isom Bains. He also owns the café.

  • Interesting things I had to look up: ley lines...all of which I then threw out and made up my own ideas, Revolutionary War generals, realty listings for the 'flavor' of how they're written. The fun/annoying part is taking the only template I have for a small town and changing it enough so that it doesn't resemble—or at least not too closely—the only template I have for a small town. :)

  • Genre: Urban Fantasy

This table shows each story and how many words I have written on it, regardless of the daily count. Titles or letters in red ("tomato") are ones where I'm not sure, yet, what the story will be.
A Is for Anchor
B Is for Bard
C Is for Clowns
That Creep Through the Yard
5700 (complete)
D Is for Dragon
6369 (complete)
E Is for Egg
4975 (complete)
F Is for Fangs
That Are Sunk in Your Leg
6731 (617)
G Is for Gravesite
2204 (complete)
H Is for Haunted
I Is for Investigation
J Is for Jackpot
K Is for Kiss
L Is for Lightning
A Hit or a Miss
M Is for Moons
N Is for N_____
O Is for Oath
P Is for Prey
Q Is for Quest
R Is for Rite
S Is for SkullCosm
T Is for Twilight
U Is for Unicorn
V Is for V_____
W Is for Witness
X Is for Xenogamy
For Maximum Fitness
Y Is for Y_____
Z Is for Zombie

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