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NaNoWriMo Progress, Day 5

I'm charting my daily progress on NaNoWriMo. Since you may or may not care, I'll kindly hide it behind a cut. Thanks for taking the time. :)

NaNoWriMo Progress: These Are the Dreams that Keep Sleep from Me
New Words Today51281666
Daily Average63981667
Remaining Req'd
Daily Avg
Expected Total5200050010

  • This one is getting a bit closer to the "short" end of "short story." :) It's still longer than I had originally intended, but I'm learning that a story is going to take as many words as it's going to take. At some point during all this, I fully expect one of the stories to be something silly like 500 words and then . . . that's it.

  • "E Is for Egg" is only the third or fourth hard science fiction story I've ever written. The restraint is just how freaking much you have to look up. I mean, what do astronauts wear during take-off? How does one get into one's EVA suit? What are the proper names for things like "EVA suit" and "take-off"? :)

  • I managed to complete this one was well, but I'm not at all happy with how I executed the ending. I knew how I wanted it to end, and I'm just not sure I wrote it as well as it sounded in my head. Eh, age-old problem. I'll fix it during the re-write. While the actual story bears some small resemblance on the surface with Carl Sagan's Contact, it isn't as uplifting as that one. (As an aside, why does everything I write turn dark?)

  • If "C Is for Clowns" is directly attributable to my Second Life writing group The Quillians, so does this one. So far back I don't actually remember when, one of the members of The Quillians (Luta Lassard, aka Sherry Ramsey aka wordsmith101) put a piece of art she had done up in our meeting room in-game and gave us the instruction to use it as inspiration for a story. Looking at it, a story immediately came into my head, but it was just a vignette, really. No beginning, middle, or end, just an Idea. I didn't end up writing or submitting it, but it stuck between two folds of my brain and was dislodged when I was trying to come up with ideas for each letter of the alphabet. When 'egg' came to mind, the picture came to mind, and the story, now fully formed, popped in as well. So that's two stories I have The Quillians to thank for. :)

  • My wrists do not hurt, today.

  • Thank goodness today was Saturday. I tore my cornea when I woke up at 7:30 and was able to go back to bed with more ointment and let it heal for 3 hours before getting up for good. The words are a little blurry, but as long as they're there, I don't really care. :)

  • I finally figured out what word I'm going to use for U: Unicorn. My book club read Peter S. Beagle's The Last Unicorn and we all got together tonight to discuss the book. So it seems only natural that I use Unicorn for U. Now, will it be high fantasy or urban? Hmmm. :)

  • Character names: Doctor Eva Girard (scientist who discovers . . .), The Egg (space object of unknown origins), Eric Walters (Eva's co-discoverer, whom I may eliminate altogether in the rewrite).

  • Interesting things I had to look up: space telescopes (Spitzer, Hubble, Chandra, Fermi, Spectr-R, etc.), what astronauts wear at each stage of a mission, distance from the moon to the Earth expressed in 'layman's terms' (such as how long it would take to drive there at 60 mph) <pats WolframAlpha on the head>, Italian surnames, E-words for future space vehicles (I decided on Exploration).

  • Genre: Hard Science Fiction

This table shows each story and how many words I have written on it, regardless of the daily count. Titles or letters in red ("tomato") are ones where I'm not sure, yet, what the story will be.
A Is for Anchor
B Is for Bard
C Is for Clowns
That Creep Through the Yard
5700 (complete)
D Is for Dragon
6369 (complete)
E Is for Egg
4975 (complete)
F Is for Fangs
That Are Sunk in Your Leg
G Is for Gravesite
H Is for Haunted
I Is for Investigation
J Is for Jackpot
K Is for Kiss
L Is for Lightning
A Hit or a Miss
M Is for Moons
N Is for N_____
O Is for Oath
P Is for Prey
Q Is for Quest
R Is for Rite
S Is for SkullCosm
T Is for Twilight
U Is for Unicorn
V Is for V_____
W Is for Witness
X Is for Xenogamy
For Maximum Fitness
Y Is for Y_____
Z Is for Zombie

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