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Random Thought: Country Codes

ISO 3166 established a two-letter country code for every country that exists, and these are used in top-level domain names for that country. So a website in Canada might end with .ca, while one in China might end with .cn.

At some point, they're going to need to add planets, moons, and other astronomical objects. Granted, it won't be for a while, yet. But I say why wait?

Clearly the ISS will need one first. And .ss is conveniently not taken, yet. Next will likely be the Moon, and wouldn't you know it, .ln is not taken!

Mercury - .hg (I mean, really, what else could it have possibly been?)
Venus - .vs
Mars - .rp (for Red Planet; all the good ones beginning with 'm' are taken.)

And Mars' two little moons:

Phobos - .pb
Deimos - .di

I don't think Jupiter or Saturn or Neptune or Uranus will need their own domains, but their moons might. Here's a few just off the top of my head:

Titan - .ti
Io - .io (I'm sorry, but the British Indian Ocean Territory is just going to have to get over it. They can have .ot.)
Ganymede - .gg
Triton - .tx
Enceladus - .en
Umbriel - .ub
Europa - .eu

Of course, there's Pluto and Charon hovering out there in the outermost reaches.

Pluto - .pu (or .uw (underworld) if the future Plutonians don't like .pu)
Charon - .fe (Yeah, all the good ones were already taken, but since Charon was the Ferryman . . .)

And what about the other dwarf planets?

Ceres - .ce
Haumea - .ha
Makemake - .kk (Nothing starting with an 'm' was left that made sense.)
Eris - .ei

There are 676 possible top-level country codes. We're currently only using 240. That leaves 436. I've presented my suggestions for just 20 of those (with one reassignment and one potential alternate).

Surely I'm not the only person thinking ahead on this.

Am I?

Am I? <sound of wind echoing>

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