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I was at the pharmacy waiting for my prescription to be filled. I elected to wait inside rather than leaving and coming back.

Standing in the waiting area, leaning on the display stand where they put walking sticks and licorice (I don't know, either) was a . . . rather adipose woman talking at the top of her lungs into a cell phone while laughing uproariously and coughing and wheezing. I suddenly decided there were . . . things . . . that I needed —desperately— elsewhere in the store. I wandered around the store for 10 minutes, then came back just in time for this woman and her two children (both just as fat as she was) to vacate the area, mom clutching her prescription in one hand. As I took a seat, the older of the two daughters, who had been sitting at the automatic blood pressure machine, got up and said, "Mama, don't you want to know what my blood pressure said?"

"What was it, baby?"

"Two hundred over one-oh-nine!" She giggled. "My heart rate was 88!"

Keep in mind that this girl was maybe sixteen, but probably closer to fifteen. Tops. She probably weighed upwards of 200 lbs.

"Mama" says, as they're walking up the aisle, "Well, the heart rate's good, but with that blood pressure, oh, my God! You're gonna have a stroke!" (A resting heart rate of 88 is good for a teenage girl?)

They all laughed. I shook my head and waited until my name was called. I paid for my prescription and left the store. The whole transaction took maybe three minutes.

Out in the parking lot, right next to my car, this trio was struggling to squeeze themselves into a tiny, red sports car without being able to open the doors very wide (I was parked on one side and someone else was parked on the other). The mother was puffing away at a cigarette, wheezing. She had to have lit up between the door and the 30 feet she had to walk to get to her car.

And people wonder why healthcare costs so much.

[Disclaimer: I'm not exactly svelte myself, but OMG. 200/109?]
[Disclaimer: Yes, I know those machines are not terribly accurate. Still . . .]

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.....damnit, the world is screwed up..and i just need to rule it.

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