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A short while ago, our department (software development) received the following email from the Exec Assistant for our VP:
We have one little "angel"1 that we still need to buy gifts for. If you can spare a dollar or two, please drop it by my desk and I’ll make sure it gets to the "elves" who are shopping tonight.

MANY thanks for your help!!
My company buys Christmas gifts for under-privileged (is that the most euphemistically distancing way ever of saying "poor"?) children. Apparently, they were a little short.

I passed or walked along with five other people headed in the direction of her desk with $5 or $10 bills clutched in their hands. All within five minutes of receiving the email. I'll bet a lot more than that respond.

While I was at her desk, she said, "I should send out notices more often. We could have a party!"

  1. Re: "angels":
    It’s Angel Tree Time!!! Please join us in making the holidays a little brighter for some children who need our help this year! Each year, the [MY LOCATION] office commits to "adopting" 50 children throughout the Atlanta area via the Salvation Army Angel Tree Program. By adopting a child, you will be supplying a school appropriate outfit, a gift "need" request, and a gift "wish" request.

    Please stop by the lobby starting tomorrow (November 12th) to pick up an Angel. Each Angel is marked (boy or girl and by age). Make it a team effort or sign up on your own! We have 35 angels remaining! The clothes and toys are due by December 1st.
    I hadn't done this because the only time I usually see the lobby is on my way in and out, and there's no one there to take the money at those times of the day. Maybe they'll remember how quickly they got cash from asking for it during the middle of the day. :)


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