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Writing Progress for December 1, 2010

Project working title: Killing Time
New words: 930
Current total words: 78965
Goal: 100,000

Reason for stopping: Got interested in the Scam School Podcast. I have a deep need for a deck of cards, right about now...

  1. Furthered the scene I had started to write, which I only stopped writing because it was 11:58 PM and I needed to record my word count for NaNoWriMo.

  2. Since this is the pivotal scene where the character makes the crucial decision that will save or doom mankind, I am making sure it has all the elements I want in place, even if I have to make them up and make notes to include references in earlier chapters. "Note: Put gun on mantle in Act I."1 Except instead of 'gun' it's 'die' and instead of 'mantle' it's 'hanging on the rear-view mirror.'

  3. Note: No, his decision regarding the saving or dooming of mankind will not rest on the roll of a die. That would be...cheap, tricky, and downright bad story-telling.

  4. The next scene will be from the "bad guys'" perspective, I think. I haven't really put enough of them in here. I only went to them when I 'needed' to, and I think I need to make them a little more...present.

  5. I could wrap this up by this time next week, if I put my mind to it. I won't be doing much writing tomorrow (Friday) because of Paul & Storm and Jonathan Coulton (those bastards) and then ZachFest is this weekend. So I'm all booked.

  6. The Quillians have a kind of 'contest,' if you will, that those of us who participated in NaNoWriMo and finished/won same would try to have our novels edited by...I think it was March and the first submission out by June? Something like that. I'll have to get the details from Graegor (de facto leader of the group). It would behoove me to find out for sure as soon as possible. :)

  1. Reference to Chekhov's Gun. Note: Be careful on that site. I've lost hours of my life. Don't say I didn't waaaaarn yooooouuuuuuu! :)


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