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It's Time Once Again for Spam Poetry™

I call this one Staycation.
Participate in one day experiment
You're invited!
We have a vacation
Treadmills. As far as you want to go.
You're invited!
I don't see a lot of call for that kind of thing, but hey. Who am I to question my spammers? After all, they're looking out for my well-being.

This one has clearly been translated from some other language. Perhaps Klingon. There's no way to tell, really. I call it Lost in Translation.
offer maybe remember
our find take first way
Pym egret inaccessible
I'm sure it's absolutely beautiful and moving in the original Lojban. Or whatever. Damned inaccessible egrets.

I call this one Sugar Daddy for obvious reasons. Sometimes, my spammers are very straightforward.
Fun Trivia question of the Day
Seeking for love improvement?
Secret formula for successful men
Sugar Daddy Dating Community
I'm not sure the right word is "love," here, but hey. Money may not be able to buy happiness, but it can rent it for a short while, eh what? Know what I mean, nudge-nudge? Know what I mean? Wink-wink, nudge-nudge? Say no more, say no more....

At first I thought this one was talking about my delivery from UPS or FedEx, but then I got it. I call this one megadriller. Again, for somewhat obvious reasons.
Your package is set to grow larger today
Your wife photos attached
Grow larger today
Your wife photos attached

Your Delivery!
Become her megadriller
Not...entirely sure why they think I have a wife or why they would have pictures of her, but hey. Spammers Know Things™. <knowing look>

And now, back to your regularly scheduled LiveJournal.

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