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Denouement, Part 3 (The Final Chapter)(?)

Just got off the phone with ALFA's home office in Montgomery, Alabama. I spoke with a very nice young man I'll call "Fred" to whom I had to explain the entire, sordid saga, starting in May of this year, because he wouldn't let me speak directly to the underwriters. After my last post, I did speak to ALFA and was told that the underwriters would "look into it" and "get back to me" within a day or two. I waited more than a week (I've dealt with them before, you'll recall), then contacted them today.

Fred waited until I got to the end, which went something like this:
...So, there is a discrepancy of $9 which they were claiming I owed, but which came from an error somewhere inside ALFA, and I will not be paying that $9. They were supposed to 'research' the situation and get back to me, but no one ever did, so I'm calling to see if it was resolved.
He then said that my account showed a $9 credit from the 26th. (See why I waited? "A couple of days" was more like a week.)

So. It looks like maybe the whole thing is now cleared up. And it only took four months. Plus many hours of my time, my local agent's time, ALFA's customer service people's time, and their underwriters' time.

Because some idiot typed a wrong number (I'm guessing) in 2007.

Joy, O Rupture.

Letter to ALFA president and other key officers beginning...probably tomorrow. Will post for review (for you to help me de-whine it), then mail.

Meanwhile, I'll be researching other insurance solutions.

So, like the end of the movie "The Blob" (the good 1950s one with Steve McQueen, not whatever remakes you may be thinking of), I'll end with:

The End <slowly fades in>?</slowly fades in>

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