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Will it Be the Next 'Dance With Me'?

I'm now in the midst of day 3 of having the Little River Band's "Reminiscing" in my head. It just popped in there, unbidden, without any sort of precedent, on Saturday whilst I was mopping the cat room.

I usually get just the chorus, though.
"Hurry, don't be late. I can hardly wait."
I said to myself, "When we're old,
We'll go dancing in the dark,
Walking through the park and reminiscing."
Over and over and over and over and...

I mean, it could be worse, but this has all the hallmarks of the whole 'Dance With Me' crisis of 2006. (Note: That ended two days after I posted that, at 13 days. A personal record.) I wake up and it's there. At any random moment during the day, it's there. I whistle it without realizing I'm doing it. I hum it without realizing I'm doing it. I go to sleep with it playing on endless loop in my head.
Friday night, it was late, I was walking you home.
We got down to the gate and I was dreaming of the night.
Would it turn out right?
Now as the years roll on,
Each time we hear our favorite song,
The memories come along.
Older times we're missing,
Spending the hours reminiscing.

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Aug. 23rd, 2010 07:20 pm (UTC)
I've had 'santa claus is coming to town' on and off since Friday evening or so...
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