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This Is Why I Hate People

Since this post does involve medical issues, if you'd rather not see it, you can stop reading now.

I got up Friday and had a bad case of..."fast-forward digestion." To couch it in nice language.

The last couple of times I had that, I took Imodium and, while it fixed the immediate problem, it caused others that resulted in weeks of pain and antibiotics; I ended up both times having to go to the doctor for diverticulitis and get prescriptions for powerful antibiotics. Which is just always fun.

So this time, I thought, "I'll just wait it out, in case it's just mild food poisoning."

It wasn't. Still had problems on Saturday morning, as well. So I went to the doctor. He quickly examined me and decided that I didn't have anything too horrid (I wasn't in any pain...just...the "fast forward" effects), but he gave me two prescriptions, one for something that is basically prescription-strength Imodium and one for a wide-spectrum antibiotic just in case there's something bacterial going on in there as well.

Immediately went to the pharmacy after leaving the doctor's office. Gave them the prescription. The girl behind the counter had problems reading the doctor's writing (go figure), and had to consult with the pharmacist for a moment. Meanwhile, I sat down.

They called me over. "Your doctor forgot to write down a dosage on this first prescription, so we're going to call him and try to get that information."

I told them I'd wait. She gets on the phone and a few minutes later calls me back over. "They said that neither the doctor nor the nurse was available to come to the phone, but that someone would call back in a couple of minutes [emphasis mine]. Do you still want to wait?"

I said I did, and I sat down.

Ten minutes go by. Twenty. I hear the girl on the phone giving a birthdate that sounds an awful lot like mine...but it wasn't my doctor.

Thirty minutes pass. Forty-five.

I finally give up and get my other prescription (the antibiotic) and leave. I drove over the doctor's office myself to see if I could facilitate things. I go in and there is not a person in sight. I ring the bell and the receptionist emerges from a back room.

"Hi, I was in here a bit over an hour ago and got two prescriptions from the doctor, only one of them doesn't have a dosage and the pharmacy needs to know that before they can fill it."

She looked at me like she had never heard of this before. She asked me for the prescription, but...I had to leave it at the drug store. I explained this. "The pharmacy called about an hour ago, and we were told it would be 'a couple of minutes' before the doctor would call back. It's been over an hour and I just wanted to see if I could get you to call sooner rather than later."

She was clearly put out by my not having the prescription, and asked for the name of the pharmacy. I gave that to her, and it obviously did not ring a bell. She called into the back room to the nurse. They had a quick discussion about it, and it was determined that neither of them was the person the pharmacist had talked to, and I was told that the doctor hadn't called because he apparently had not read the email the pharmacy sent.

Yeah. I just don't get it. I was standing there when the pharmacist called the doctor's office and spoke to someone. I told them that there had been a phone call, and yet here were these two people telling me to my face that it must have been an email and that the doctor simply hadn't read it, yet.

No offer to ask the doctor to "read his email" and get on it. No helpfulness at all, in fact. Neither of them ever moved from their chairs (once the receptionist emerged from the back room, that is).

I was utterly disgusted and made no attempt to hide it. I said, "Look, I really need the prescription ASAP, because the doctor wanted me to take two doses immediately, and that was over an hour ago. Could you just make sure he phones the pharmacy soon and not after five?" (I know this doctor's office has a tendency to make all phone calls after 5:00, even on weekends. It's infuriating.) As I said this, it was about 1:20.

The pharmacy got the call "in a couple of minutes." After 5:00. More than five hours after I sat there for 45 minutes waiting on "a couple of minutes" to pass so the doctor could correct his oversight.

See, this is precisely why I hate people. If you're going to lie to my face, at least have the decency to look contrite.

The doctor has told me on more than one occasion to please call him when I have diverticulitis and he'll phone in a prescription, because it's clear that I can self-diagnose that very accurately. And every time I have called and tried to do exactly as he had told me, the receptionist and/or nurse who answers the phone have not passed on the message to him and I've ended up having to go to see him face to face, pay the copay, and spend an hour or more waiting in the waiting room.

And do you know what he always says? "Why didn't you call me? I could have phoned this in yesterday."

I rest my case, your honor.

(And before you comment to tell me to change doctors, it's the same everywhere I've ever been. Procedure is far more important than the health or comfort of the patient.)

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Aug. 9th, 2010 12:21 pm (UTC)
Back when I was younger I had big problems with UTI's, the Doctor's staff was so helpful. After a few times, I'd walk into the office, catch the receptionist's eye, make the UGH! face and cross my eyes. She'd make the "I'm so sorry face" and I'd sit down. Within 15 minutes she'd hand me the Rx and I'd leave to go to the pharmacy. The doc allowed me to self-diagnose and who the heck wants to take those meds just for kicks?

But receptionists at medical and dental places have gone downhill, IMHO, with a few notable exceptions (shout out to Rheumatology! Yay!). I was in very early to an office and listened to two supposedly professional receptionists talking about their phone system. There was some problem with the answering machine part of it. It was a "pain" to have to listen to patients who called, in pain, asking for an appointment. They sounded so "whiny." They joked that they should just erase all the messages instead of noting or calling them back to schedule appointments.

Did they forget I was sitting there, listening? Was it just pulling each other's legs by pretending to be "naughty?" That they were just blowing off steam like a former boss who said she always hated the "dying" voice her employees used when calling in sick?

Either way, I was appalled.

You can bet these same people will be yowling if their care or their family's care is delayed or blocked by uncaring staff.

Maybe they think you're exaggerating? It's a despicable thing, but we know some people do that to expedite service. Maybe you should prove them wrong... if you can stand to do so and have packed a change of pants. Yeah, that'd be extreme and icky. But having to explain to the doc why there will be a bill for having a chair cleaned might wake them up.
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