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When Will the Fun Ever Start?

Got another call from Pentagon Federal Credit Union (my mortgage holder). Oh, wait. I didn't start this properly.

<announcer voice> Previously, on As the Insurance Turns... </announcer voice>

Last week, I left the ball, figuratively, in ALFA's court. They told me that they would "get right on it" come Monday and everything should be resolved. So that must be what this post is about, then, right?



Something...something just told me not to even bother calling them on Monday. I think I'm puh-sy-kik. Then I just simply forgot about it.

Shortly before 6 pm, my time, PenFed called and wanted to know if I'd been able to find out what was going on. I told her about my last call and that I hadn't had a chance to call ALFA back this week.

I collected her name and number (we shall call her "Donna") and said I'd let her know what I find out when I called them tomorrow. I hung up.

I looked at the trusty clock and saw that it was 15 till 5:00 in Alabama, so I thought, "Maybe someone at ALFA is still in the office!"

They were. I spoke to a very helpful-sounding young lady I will call "Janet." (I have yet to speak to the same person twice other than "Brenda," whom I specifically asked for last time.) I went through the entire spiel again, and she agreed to call the Underwriters (Why do I always hear an ominous chord in my head when they say that? I keep picturing brains in jars bartering with one another over how many quatloos to give this or that insurance claimant...) to find out what has been done.

It should come as no shock to you in the least that they just got to this today (Recall that, above, I reiterated that they claimed last week that it would all be cleared up on Monday. Recall as well that I said something just kind of told me that I might as well not bother. I submit that I should get Randi's million bucks. Pay up, ya bearded old coot! :), or so they claimed when Janet spoke to them.

She said they said they would "get right on it" tomorrow. Really. No, really! Tomorrow.

Meanwhile, my insurance premiums for both June and July (and August, for all I know) have not been paid because these people can't get their collective heads out of their equally collective asses long enough to figure out that, of the three mortgage companies they have in their myopic computer system, only one of those is both correct and current.

I'm actually so far past angry at these people that I've crossed over into...sort of viewing it as a Three Stooges sketch.

ALFA: You numbskull! <pokes HSBC in the eyes>
HSBC: OW! What'd ya do that for? <slaps ALFA>
PenFed: Nyuk-nyuk-nyuk! <blocks poke and jab from ALFA and HSBC with flat of hand> <hits other two with big, wooden mallets>

Have I mentioned that I loathe the Three Stooges?

Stay tuned as our story continues next time on...As the Insurance Turns.

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