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About a month ago, I took Lucy and Matt to the vet for their 20,000 mile checkups annual vaccinations and checkups. The vet told me at the time that Lucy's teeth were bad, and needed cleaning, but because of her age (17), she recommended a non-anesthetic procedure.

I scheduled it for April 13. Which is today.

So in spite of the fact that I missed all of yesterday due to the Oxfordification of my car, I called this morning and told them I'd be late again, this time because of a veterinary periodontal appointment.

If my boss found that at all weird, she didn't say anything. :)

I had said on FaceBook1 that I expected the tooth-cleaning to be a traumatic experience for everyone involved. Meaning me, Lucy, and the veterinary dentist.

Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. Lucy calmed down once we arrived at the vet's office. Frank the Vet Cat™ came out to greet us and forced me to pet him for about an hour. The girl took Lucy back and said she'd know almost immediately if she was going to be able to do anything with her. Since they were gone longer than that, I presumed it was going well.

Lucy let the woman clean her teeth without any blood loss on either side. She even wrote "Good kitty!" on her report. :)

Alas, not all the news was good. Lucy has an impacted molar that has to come out, soon, and I have to severely curtail her consumption of wet food because that's causing her problem.

And I have some special dental-diet food for them. And some stuff to add to their water to help cut back on plaque and gingivitis.

My own dentist visits have never cost that much, even when I had the deep, under-the-gums cleaning. Zowie.

But hey. It's all for a good cause. I want these cats to have long, healthy lives. And if changing their dietary habits will help, then we'll adjust. I promised Nanny and Granddaddy that I would look after them. And I intend to do just that.
  1. I don't always cross-post. If it's something short and quick that I can just jot down without thinking about it too much, I do it on Facebook or Twitter. Longer, more thoughtful pieces end up here. Essay-like stuff that requires a lot of time end up on my Blogger blog.


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( 2 hisses — Hiss at me! )
Apr. 13th, 2010 11:21 pm (UTC)
Wow..either you have a very good kitty, or a very good vet, or both. :)

Now, Max had 5 teeth pulled (they were all rotten) and they told us to put him on wet food *only* for the rest of his days...

I wonder who's right, or is an impacted molar a little different than just 'rotten old-cat teeth'?

(I need a Max Icon. ;) )
Apr. 13th, 2010 11:22 pm (UTC)
Then again, maybe Max told them to tell me he had to be on the most expensive wet cat food available for the rest of his days... He's very persuasive. He probably gave my vet permission to double the bill.
( 2 hisses — Hiss at me! )

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