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Progress: 22 October, 2009

Project working title: Necromancer
New words: 4644
Current total words: 22626
Goal: 60000

Reason for stopping: Yet another dead body. Or possibly several, depending on collateral damage. Fire is just so...messy. :)
Body Count: 7
Favorite: Some of the thoughts Javier hears. The most common of which is "Can he hear what I'm thinking right now?"

  1. I was totally in the zone today. 4644 words has to be a personal record for me. At one sitting, anyway.

  2. I let my third main character be the POV character in three of the four scenes in this chapter. This is his first "solo" partly because I didn't really know who he was until now, and partly because he's telepathic and so hears not only what people are saying to him but at least some of what they're thinking, as well. And that gets tedius to write because I have to think of not only what to make the characters say but what they're thinking but not saying.

  3. I added in the first tiny mistake the bad guy has made. We'll see if the characters pick up on it in time. :)

  4. Injected just a tiny bit of pathos into the story. A small scene clearly meant to tug at my readers' heartstrings. We'll see some Tuesday in November if I got it right.

  5. I changed one last time who the bad guy is, but luckily don't have to change any of the previous parts of the story. But it'll make the ending really fun to write, I think.


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Oct. 23rd, 2009 05:49 pm (UTC)
I always thought fire was The Cleanser! ;)
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