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Proclamation From Your (Future) Overlord

When I become Lord Supreme Ruler of Everything (except Australia, which I will give to my most loyal minion, and Algeria, which I shall give to my cats as a litterbox), my first proclamation shall be as follows:
Be it hereby known that, henceforth, any software developer whomsoever shall programmeth a pop-up (or under) window shall be put to death immediately, regardless of the language of application therein...under...to. The method of death—and the painfulness thereof—shall be determined by the amount of inconvenience accorded the user when the pop-up (or under) interrupts what they're already typing. Should what they're typing "accidentally" press a button in the pop-up (or under)...you really don't want to know the kind of sick things I could think of to punish that developer.

This offense shall carry unto the next generation of said developer if it is the operating system which dost perform in this manner.
So train your children well, friends.

Train. Them. Well.

Avoid the certain death that will certainly come to many. I'm sure my eventual "cleansing" will make the Nacht der langen Messer look like a church picnic. And not the kind with catholic priests and altar boys, but the kind with actual G-rated stuff going on. And lemonade. And screams of terror.

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Aug. 5th, 2009 10:53 pm (UTC)
Just after I read this, my pc was bombarded with a flurry of pop-ups telling me I was "infected" and chock full of this virus and that. I eventually just had to shut it down. Thankfully, I am at work, so I could not care less about the viral load on my pc. At home, I run a mac (welcome to that crowd, btw.) As it turns out, surprise surprise, there IS NO virus, just a flurry of pop-ups designed to scare me into downloading some questionable-ware (that is likely riddled with viri).
( 1 hiss — Hiss at me! )

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