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Some Things Never Make Sense

I've been waiting several days for this to make sense, but it hasn't, so I'll just post it. For the humor, if nothing else. :)

The other morning, I woke up from a very strange dream.

Now, realize that when I say I had a strange dream, I'm not just putting words down for effect. My dreams tend toward the strange, weird, bizarre, or downright surreal (unfortunately, I have not posted any of the truly surreal dreams...until now), when I remember them.

But this one.... Wow.

Take one part The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (Fantasy element, plus snow), heat gently over a low flame, then add The Swiss Family Robinson (Stranded element, plus Scandinavia) and just a touch of The Shining (Snow element, plus trapped in the snow for months on end and can't get away and there's palpable evil and it's driving me crazy and all work and no play make Kaa a dull boy. All work and no play make Kaa a dull boy. All work and no play...). Stir vigorously.

Then remove from heat and transport all the action to some Scandinavian country where everyone is blonde. And pale. And blonde.

Oh, then add Angela Lansbury (aged about where she was for Murder, She Wrote) and either Bruce Willis (Die Hard time period) or Jerry Doyle (Babylon 5 4th season vintage); I don't know which because they kind of look alike. But Angela and Bruce/Jerry were just window-dressing. They weren't main characters. I think they were customers of the book store. Oh, did I mention there was a book store? There was. And it had a spiral staircase leading up to a loft, and there were floor-to-ceiling book shelves.

Did I mention blonde? Because there was blonde. But Angela and Jerry/Bruce were not blonde. Or at least no more blonde than their normal blondness. Because when I say "blonde" in the context of this dream, I'm talking blonde, baby. Like Malfoy blonde. Like Zsa Zsa blonde. Like Storm (from the X-Men) blonde. Like Morlock blonde. That kind of pale, corpse-like, bleached, ashen....<shudder>

I was walking down the spiral stairs talking with Angela Lansbury and Bruce/Jerry was at the bottom, waiting for help. And I was blonde.

Serve. (This concludes the "recipe" motif, which ceased making sense a long time ago, but since you've stuck with me this far, we're going to finish it, by gum!)

I couldn't tell you any of the actual stuff that happened in the dream other than that there was 12 feet of snow, which had us all trapped; very pale, blonde people; and Scandinavian accents.

And we might have been on an island. The island was not blonde. But it was snow-covered, which might be construed to make the island, itself, look blonde. Hmm.
You may be asking yourself right now why I remember all this from several days ago.

It's because when I woke up, I consciously tried to remember as much of it as I could, so I kept repeating certain things to myself to remind me what was in the dream. And then, while I was in the shower, I wrote them down.

"But how could you have written them down while you were in the shower?" you might ask.

And lo! I would answer: AquaNotes :) They are as advertised on their site. Try 'em out if you're a "Shower Thinker."

Or blonde.1
  1. Did I mention? There was blonde.


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