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Progress, 7/12/2008

Project working title: The Surrogate
New words: 3297
Current total words: 20287
Goal: 18000

Reason for stopping:Ees done! And the Library is closing in 20 minutes, dammit. :(

  1. My hands actually shook a little as I wrote the gruesome murder scene. I didn't know I had that kind of thing in my head. Luckily, I do. :) And now, it's in the story. I'm not even sure I can read it aloud to my writers group. It's pretty awful.

  2. Thanks to bigmeanie and her TechniColor good ideas, I'm at the Lawrenceville Public Library, my pahr splah plugged into the wall so my battery won't run out, using their air conditioning and free wireless Internet. :) The only distractions are other people using their laptops on nearby tables, people milling around aimlessly talking to one another, and about 3 kabillion kids running at full speed, pell-mell through the library. I'm not sure, yet, why none of the on-duty librarians have bothered to stop it, but...whatever. I've got my headphones on cranking Floyd Cramer (at the moment) and finally got into the last few scenes enough to write them.

  3. This is the single longest story I've ever completed. I'm...words fail me. It feels good to know that I can see it through to the end. Of course...now comes the most gruesome part: the editing.

  4. Or it will, once I finish the other two stories I have started. :) My Second Life writers group were all sitting around talking the other night during our "social" Monday meeting, and one of the guys (Graegor, I believe it was) said, of a story he is writing, "It all started when a god died and the next thing I knew I was in trouble." I laughed and said, "That sounds like a good first line." A few minutes later, still talking about his story in which he has a god die, he said, "Mike warned me a year ago not to do it, but I was already half way through...." ("Mike" is Mike Stackpole, a published author who...kind of mentors our group.) And then someone else said, "Heh! Take both of those lines together, and it makes an interesting first two lines." So...our fun idea was that as many of us as wanted to should try to write a story that starts, "It all started when a god died and the next thing I knew I was in trouble. Mike warned me a year ago not to do it, but I was already half way through...." I wasn't going to. Really. But then this idea popped into my head in the shower....

  5. Note to self: take more showers.


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Jul. 13th, 2008 12:24 am (UTC)
Jul. 13th, 2008 01:10 am (UTC)
WOOT!! Welcome across teh finish line!
*Dee hands you a gatoraid* :)

You know, Clay takes a shower when he gets stuck on a particularly nasty bug and it can really help.

PS: "pahr splah" LOL! :)

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