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Progress, 5/22/2008

I decided to unabashedly borrow (and alter) the posting style that Cherie Priest (cmpriest) has been using to report progress on her writing because...well, I like it. So there.

Project working title: The Surrogate
New words: 1229
Current total words: 8464
Goal: 15000 (creeeeeeeep....)

Reason for stopping: Laptop battery had only 10 minutes left, and I was at a really good stopping place. Paul's just about to get the first upload from the surrogate, and I want to make sure my brain (and cornea) is fresh before I write that.

  1. I think I've identified where the story will begin when I do the first edit. I've started it too soon. It needs to be more in medias res than it is. I will take some of the infodumped exposition and weave it into the meat of the story so it is less like a "Mr. Wizard" episode. If this were a novel—especially in the style of every Stephen King novel—I'd leave the beginning where it is. But it's not. So I can't. Shorter fiction has to get moving faster than novels.

  2. Although I got the "I am allowed to suck" mantra from Mur Lafferty (sailormur) in her "I Should Be Writing" podcast, a published author with whom I was chatting on Second Life pointed out to me that it sounds like I'm setting out to suck, and if that's what I'm setting out to do, then anything I write will, indeed, suck. And I guess it could come across that way if you didn't understand what the "mantra" means. So I'm changing the mantra to "Finish it, then edit." Which is all "I am allowed to suck" means. So, same thing, different wording. :) Because I know myself, and if I edit as I go—which works just fine for some people—I will never get to the end because I want every word I've written up to now to be perfect.

  3. If it looks like I'm "dropping names," I'm so not. I don't know either Ms. Priest or Ms. Lafferty. I know of them through their LJ posts and their work, so I'm mentioning them only to give credit where credit is due. Mur is responsible for figuratively kicking my figurative butt—even though she didn't know it—and getting me to start actually taking writing seriously. And Cherie inspired me to make daily(ish) updates so that I'm prodded into actually making daily(ish) progress. :)
Egad. It's 3:00 AM. Bed beckons. This is what I get for sleeping several extra hours, today. Damned corneas.


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( 1 hiss — Hiss at me! )
May. 25th, 2008 08:23 am (UTC)
(Takes up a pose with pom-poms on hips then shouts:)

Ready? OK!

Go, Snakey, Go!
Go, Snakey, Go!
Push that Pen!
Write another Ten*!
Go, Snakey, GooOooOOooOooOOooO!

(Drops pom-poms)
Ok, that was really lame, but you get the idea.
You're doing far better than me. Keep at it!
( 1 hiss — Hiss at me! )

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